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At Bridgeshire we believe in building relationships with our customers that enable us to better understand the hopes and dreams of your business and brands. This way we can offer more tailored, hard working solutions because, at the end of the day...

...we're all about helping you build brands and sell products.

Specialising in three-dimensional cardboard POS, FSDU's, CDU's, pallet displays and off-shelf merchandisers we have the experience and large format, fully automated resources to produce creative and innovative, yet cost effective, solutions.

Bridgeshire Recycles

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XP24 Kongsberg Auto Cam 
24 Oct 2014

Bridgeshire have agreed a contract with Kongsberg to keep both automated XP-24 Cam tables on-line for the future. With ..

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Client Artwork

FTP System

Clients can login to upload your artwork...

The transfer system for artwork enables you to get transfer your files across to us via an easy-to-use system.

Store Products

Store Product

Pal-foot - A significant development in transit packaging. The prestigious Starpack Gold...