Our constant investments into printing and finishing has allowed us to boast our extensive range of solutions for your point of sale and packaging needs. Whatever your needs, Bridgeshire will work with you and discuss every opportunity to ensure you receive a finished product that you not only need in store, but want to see in store.

Our large format Digital HDR printers by HP are able to offer unrivalled flexibility whilst producing vivid and crystal-clear print up to a sheet size of 1620x3200mm up to 28mm thick.

If you’re leaning towards the screen-print option for your printing needs, our two-colour inline screen printer will print up to 1400×2100 and will create amazing prints at a whopping 500 sheets per hour.

We can also produce proofs from our Epson printer, and have two colour flexographic and lithographic print capabilities.

Our factory plays host to the most efficient and cost-effective finishing solutions available in the industry. Three AutoCAD tables capable of cutting, creasing and routing up to a size of 2600×3100 courtesy of industry leaders Esko Kongsberg and Dyss allows us to reduce lead times and keeps delays at an absolute minimum. For larger production runs, our large format flatbed die cutter is capable of cutting sheet sizes up to 1490×2100 and will fly through them at a staggering 3,000 sheets per hour whilst providing excellent quality for the finished product.